Personality Quizzes as CI

I’m currently obsessed with making personality quizzes for my students in the target language! It’s a great way to sneak in some comprehensible input while students reading with a purpose. Students are also interested in what they’re reading because it’s all about them in the end! They’re taking these quizzes on their own time anyway, so why not bring them into class in the target language?

After spring break I’m going to teach Agentes secretos y el mural de Picasso by Mira Canion for the first time (well this is my first year teaching, so everything’s for the first time for me!). To introduce my students to Picasso (as well as a few other Latino/a artists just for fun) I made this personality quiz: ¿Qué artista del pasado eres tú? Feel free to use this with your own class and let me know how it goes!

Here are some more personality quiz ideas I have for the Spanish CI classroom:

I just started watching El Ministerio del Tiempo and my mind is SPINNING with ideas on how to use the show in an upper level class! This summer I want to create a curriculum to use next year on Spain’s history using the show, and here are the ideas I have for personality quizzes to use with it:

  • Which character from the show are you?
  • What century should you have been born in?
  • What would your job be in ____ century?
  • Which Spanish war hero are you?
  • What would your job in the Ministry be?
  • Who is your time-travelling BFF?
  • How far would you make it on a mission?

Some other random quiz ideas that could work in a variety of units:

  • Which Spanish-speaking country are you?
  • Where should you go on vacation next?
  • What sport should you be a superfan of?
  • Which Spanish artist should you listen to?
  • Which Spanish dish are you?
  • Which region of Spain were you meant to live in?
  • Which Señor Wooly song are you?
  • Which FVR novel should you read next?
  • Which Spanish saying/proverb are you?
  • What musical instrument are you?
  • Which native animal from (insert country) should be your next pet?

The possibilities are literally endless!

You can make the quiz on paper (just don’t include the answers on the back so students don’t cheat to get their desired answer!) OR you can use to make the quiz and students can take it on their iPads or phones.

Have you used personality quizzes in class? What were they about and how’d it go?! Let me know!

Happy creating!


2 thoughts on “Personality Quizzes as CI

  1. Love this! Which part of playbuzz would you use to create this type of quiz?


    1. Hi Megan, thanks! If you’re on the Playbuzz homepage, hover over “create” in the top right corner and it’ll give you some options. I use the “Personality Quiz” option but I haven’t checked out the others yet!


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