About Me


I am a first-year middle/high school Spanish teacher and in this first year I have become obsessed with my job! I’m new to the world of TPRS/CI but already couldn’t imagine teaching any other way. I’m lucky enough to be able to create my own curriculum, using inspiration from the many great TPRS/CI teachers I’ve discovered online!

I graduated from Frostburg State University in May 2017 with a bachelor’s in Elementary/Middle School Education and a specialization in foreign languages (Spanish and French). While in college, I studied abroad for two winter intersessions in Quito, Ecuador, and La Paz, Bolivia. I also backpacked Europe and visited Cuba. I love sharing stories of my travels and the cultural experiences I’ve had with my students!

I currently teach at a small private school in my hometown as a department of one.

Visit my Instagram – I update it almost daily with what we’re doing in class!

You can contact me via email at saraglasb at gmail dot com.

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